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eCorpOne Co., Ltd. Network/Server/PC support in Tokyo, Japan, and Japan entry support of global IT businesses
Global support for IT solutions

We are the IT infrastructure (PC, server, network) management company specialized in providing one stop IT management service directly to Japan branch locations with IT head office's guidelines.

We have major spare devices at our cost

If hardware devices, especially the ones used in core service level, fails, it can mean major business disruption. Purchase of new equipment can take time. In order to shorten the downtime, we have major networking and server hardware devices as spare so that in case of failure, we can replace it immediately and can restore customer's business operations in timely manner.

Various important data, such as specifications and user data, are documented

We think documentation is important. We create documents describing all the important information, such as user login data of each PC, warranty record, network design and specifications, and configurations. Many Japanese IT service providers tend to not share such information, but we do because we think that business continuity of our customers is more important than risking our customers because of single dependency. We share all those information with the customer so that customers are not restricted with us and can make changes of its devices and even are free to move to other service providers.

Preferential treatment for Active Directory

We have preferential price plans for customers using or planning to use Microsoft Active Directory.


Support calls and email communication are documented and informed monthly

We have been providing our IT services partly using ITILv3 method, which is recognized as a library of "best practices in IT". We deliver a monthly report for our IT support each month. The report contains various detailed support records, such ass what category of support, how serious the event was, who reported and how the issue was resolved, and many more. Customers are transparent to what services are provided from us.


About us

We established our company in year 2006 and have both supported and have been supported by many customers from various countries.

We focus on delivery of services in flexible ways to let IT division of the customer easier to handle. For example, we discuss IT projects in time zone where each customer is comfortable in its country. We also check and propose for each customer's requirements, including availability of the product channel, hardware specifications, and integrity with the changes, so that new IT systems can perform well in Japan.

We have local IT partners and engineers in various parts of Japan. When delivery of hardware outside of Kanto areas (around 300km from the center of Tokyo), we design, make specification documents, share with a customer, configure, internally test before delivery.

We wish you to be a member of eCorpOne's IT protected company.


eCorpOne supportNormal office hours:
Monday to Friday
13:00~19:00 (Japan time)

Urgent support call:
24 hours / 365 days
(Contact number for this service will be notified after contract)



Please contact us using our inquiry form also .



Change language (言語変更): 日本語 (Japanese)

Quick IT support in Tokyo
Specializing in global companies
IT infrastructure deployment & support services for branch offices in Japan

  • Implementation and management of IT implementation projects for offices in Japan.
  • Deployment of IT infrastructure for global companies.
  • Remote and on site management of IT equipment.
  • IT equipment warehousing service for 24 hours/365 days delivery with SLA 4 hours in Tokyo.
  • Network layer security systems and VPN solutions using major brands (Fortigate, Cisco, etc).
  • Untangle firewall reseller partner
  • Active directory and centralized policy management using Windows 2008/2012.
  • Linux based servers, corporate branded networking devices, and PCs and limited support for Apple Mac.
  • Tape backup systems and Apple Time Capsule implementation.
  • UPS and automatic server shutdown for physical and virtual systems.
  • Supports for virtualization (VMWare & KVM)
  • Supports Office 365
  • Domain and email hosting service.
  • Experience in IT for managing global companies since year 2006.

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IT human resource outsourcing
Payment systems
Software and hardware combined solutions - including web and kiosk terminal payment solutions

  • Credit card/cash payment terminal (Multiple currencies)
  • Web based management solution allowing analysis with revenue at multiple locations.
  • Barcode reading/printing solution allowing to read data over LAN.
  • Member card solution (Re printable on the surface of PET card, which can be used to show member points)

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IT human resource outsourcing
Advancing Africa's IT
IT Services in Rwanda

50kw class solar energy plant
Solar energy plant design and operation

  • Load balancing design based on shadow with time and season analysis.
  • Highly performing electrical parts selections.
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