eCorpOne’s P2P bandwidth restriction firewall


In developing countries, cost for Internet bandwidth is expensive. Giving high priority to delivery of web content and skype and low priority to or blocking of p2p download and general video watching, such as Youtube, can significantly increase experience of web surfing.

eCorpOne’s P2P bandwidth restriction/priority control firewall is designed to do so; This product is designed to understand every network traffic to restrict bandwidth. Due to its encryption mechanism of many P2P software, restricting or blocking P2P traffic requires advanced technologies like this product has. This product provides such controlling mechanism.

This device also supports normalizing network traffic like the graph below. For example, if someone in your company is downloading Youtube movie, this device will limit networking usage so that the other traffic can have higher priority.


This solution can be equipped with redundant networking structure with fault tolerance so that if one of the devices fail, another device can take over. We can also provide “simple design to allow removing the device from your network” so that worry for impact to your network can be minimized.

This product is provided as a firewall appliance that can be connected to your corporate network. This is a fully managed service by eCorpOne, and configuration and daily management over the Internet will be performed by eCorpOne’s management team.


Details of the service

Supported P2P for traffic blocking:

P2P network
AppleJuice Yes
Ares Yes
AresLite Yes
BitTorrent TCP/UDP
Direct Connect Yes
eDonkey TCP/UDP
extended BT Yes
FastTrack TCP/UDP
Gnutella TCP/UDP
Kademlia TCP/UDP
share Yes
SoulSeek Yes
WinMX Yes
winny Yes

Supported traffic bandwidth control:

  • Skype
  • Youtube
  • SIP/H.323
  • All the standard Internet protocols, such as http/https, DNS, pop3, smtp, and NTP.


Fault tolerance specifications

  • Up time 99.5%
  • Software internally monitored.
  • External monitoring by eCorpOne’s quality monitoring system
  • Manual recovery required with coordination of a customer.


What customer is required to prepare

Following describes what customer is required to have in order to receive our service.

  • Existing fiber or RF based Internet service.
  • Stable electricity supplied to the equipment. (20W/h)
  • Location to install the hardware.
  • Payment ready to pay.
  • Representative director of your company to join in a meeting.

How to receive services

Installation procedure takes the following sequence.

  1. Customer hearing of what kind of traffic is taking place currently.
  2. We have on site checking and 1 day traffic analysis.
  3. Contract and payment for initial fee.
  4. eCorpOne’s technical team will configure the device and visit your site to install. Configuration and delivery of the hardware takes 3 weeks. Installation of the firewall is placed between Internet and your LAN. If you have existing firewall, installation of this device is done between the Internet and your firewall.
  5. 1 day on site standby.
  6. Remote maintenance.



Initial fee (Payment in advance)
Number of simultaneous users
Up to 25
329 USD
Between 25 and 50
499 USD
Between 51 and 300
799 USD
Between 301 and 500
1599 USD
Monthly payment
(1 year 6 months minimum contract)
Number of simultaneous users
Up to 70
159 USD
Between 71 and 200
299 USD
Between 201 and 500
599 USD

* If you require network redundancy, please feel free to contact us.

Location of the service

This service is currently available in following region.

  • Rwanda: Entire areas
  • Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Chiba areas