Solar energy EPC

We design, buy land/equipment/items, invest, and manage the solar energy plants.

Analyze environment, calculate, and optimize investments

We maximize efficiency of investment by optimizing sources and design.

Pile centering and stakeout location determination

Where to insert screws and layout of solar panels are decided based on environmental analysis, including location of utility poles, condition of the ground, and other obstacles making their shadows.


Electrical system design

After analyzing the environment (movement of utility poles, ground, other obstacles and their shadows), we will optimize circuit design.

Tracking of solar energy production and efficiency during business

We monitor energy output and efficiency during business. We make sure that solar energy plant is producing electricity at optimal performance.

Inashiki Power Station

We have built a power plant that combines carport + building + warehouse roof.

Sakuragawa plant

It was a difficult construction work due to a lot of obstacles hidden underground.

Nasu shiobara plant

A lot of waste illegally left to the ground required a lot of additional work meeting strict Japanese waste management laws.

Toride plant

We converted agricultural land into the generic.

We changed to the latest model of solar panels later days.

Minami Aizu plant

We purchased the land with EPC registered. It was a difficult construction work due to the rocks hidden under the ground. Removed existing houses and reused the basing concrete.

We develop a new solar energy plant. Existing buildings have been removed.

Kamisu Warehouse

We installed solar panels on top of the roof. Entire roof has been replaced to new one.

Heavily damaged roof with a lot of leak.

Replacement of the roof completed.

We changed old wooden floor into concrete.

Change of the floor complete.

Placement of solar panels complete.