Our Services

Our Services

Corporate IT infrastructure design with resilience enhancement

We design and implement various IT systems through consultation process with customers, especially with IT managers at global locations. We provide various IT systems, including Windows servers with Active Directory, site-to-site VPN, encrypted and authenticated Wireless LAN, redundant networking and server systems, application layer firewall, virtualization using VMWare Hyper-V, and kvm, many of which are usually implemented by global companies. We implement, train its employees, and share our monthly IT support so that services are maintained well.

  • Re-design corporate IT infrastructure
  • Remote work and remote desktop infrastructure
  • Such design includes existing or new full managed Windows server hosting and remote management of servers running at client’s site.
  • Various features including VPN access, offline folder, snapshot, generation managed backups, cold standby hardware, 24/365 management.
  • Windows servers and Active Directory integration / Linux hosting
  • 24 hours / 365 days monitoring and manageable remote full recovery
  • Replacement hardware is prepared on site for quick recovery
  • Managed backups using snapshots and VM level backups.
  • Low installation and maintenance fee
Server management
  • Windows servers and user management
  • Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS) and Web server management
  • Remote management (Remote automatic analysis and remote login for desktop Windows support)
  • Majority of networking and server hardware supported.
  • HP Procurve switch, ProLiant servers
  • Cisco Pix firewall, Fortinet FortiGate firewall
  • Many other brands supported.
  • IP-Sec VPN implementation
  • Firewall implementation
  • Highly fault tolerant network system design
  • Supporting flexible design with BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, HSRP, Object Tracking, floating static route, Policy based routing
  • Multicasting (PIM, IGMP Snooping)for efficient packet delivery
  • Primary and/or backup internet connection using e-mobile/SoftBank/DoCoMo’s wireless network in Japan
  • VLAN design
  • Voice / PBX integration support
  • Network monitoring implementation with e-mail alerting
  • Delivery time: Average response time in Tokyo is 5 minutes and usually visit customer’s sites in 2 hours.
  • Support various virtual systems.
  • We usually virtualize server systems using VMWare ESXi.
  • In addition to VMWare ESXi, we also manage KVM and Hyper-V systems with IO optimization.
  • We can create and/or migrate existing systems into virtualized systems.

Our technologys

Smart hand with hardware storage service
  • We have skilled senior or above level engineers who can fully troubleshoot various server systems with complex server and/or network design.
  • We also have warehouse in Tokyo to keep replacement hardware parts. We can bring hardware parts to customer’s sites quickly. We can keep customer’s replacement devices in addition to keeping our own hardware.
  • Customer can select either normal business hour support or 24/365 support.
  • In Kanto (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa) or Kansai (Osaka) areas, we can visit customer’s site in 4 hours.
    • Storage and replacement: Configuration of the hardware must be restored by the customer. eCorpOne will provide remote access to the hardware.
    • Storage and configuration restore: eCorpOne will restore configuration into replaced hardware.
    • Here is our current service guide and pricing table.
IP Security camera system design and managemen
  • Allows you to view videos over the Internet using your PC or mobile phones.
  • IP cameras for remote locations with limited resources, such as no fiber connections and no electricity available. We can install solar panel with battery charging and with low-cost SIM card.
  • Bandwidth optimized configurations for bandwidth limited SIM card.
  • Motion detection based local or remote recording. (Local recording is recommended due to data usage)
VoIP system consulting
  • We provide support for SIP based Cisco VoIP system consultation.
  • MPLS based closed network integration, integration with existing PBXes, and disaster recovery.
  • Optimized with QoS, precedence, dial-peer, FXS/FXO.
  • The picture is our previous installation of low-cost SIP phones to one of our customers in Japan.
Corporate level SLA managed Internet service
  • We are authorized and legally registered reseller of high-end business grade carrier services.
  • Such service includes direct connection to tier-1 Internet dark fiber.
  • Bandwidth assured & SLA, and 24/365 full managed Internet services.
  • Support in English and in Japanese language
Software development service
  • We created our own hardware in order to read barcode over LAN network.
  • Various features integrated, such as hardware API and serial access (credit card system, cash payment system, barcode reader, magnetic card writer).
  • Reprintable magnetic PET card reader/writer software handling.
  • Customer centered flexible support.
  • C#, C++. WPF, PHP, Ajax, Perl programming, Java, Perl.
  • MySQL database access, replication, encryption.