Privacy policy

Enactment on  August 1, 2006

To meet the expectation based on corporate principles and our code of conduct, eCorpOne Corporation Limited advances the active conduct of business. Individual information is an important property of the customer, and it is the same for us.
We take care of customer’s individual information according to the following Basic Policy.

1. Basic Policy
  1. eCorpOne respects other relating Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative laws and standards. Moreover, it continues to maintain eCorpOne Privacy Protection Policy (hereafter, its policy)
  2. While eCorpOne establishes the system of management concerning protection of individual information, eCorpOne enforces the rule to management and maintains integrity.
  3. eCorpOne takes care of customer’s private information within the range of the purpose understood by both parties. Moreover, eCorpOne discloses to the third party only when there is the customer’s agreement, offered to disclose, or with an exclusive reason.
  4. eCorpOne tries to keep individual information to be accurate and the latest, to prevent the loss of unlawful computer access to individual information, to protect from destruction, to avoid falsifications, and to prevent from the leakages.
  5. eCorpOne responds to claims concerning individual information from the customer and indication sincerely and promptly.
2. Purpose of use of individual information

eCorpOne specifies the purpose of use of individual information beforehand when individual information is offered from the customer and uses it within the range of the purpose of use.
After it reports to the customer and the customer’s agreement is made, eCorpOne Co., Ltd. uses it when the necessity for using customer’s individual information is caused exceeding the range of the purpose of use specified beforehand.
Please see the purpose of use of individual information about the purpose of use of individual information that eCorpOne has.

3. Individual giving information

(1) In the following cases, eCorpOne discloses customer’s individual information to the third party or, doesn’t offer it excluding.

  1. When there is the customer’s agreement
  2. When basing on the law
  3. When it is necessary person’s life, to body or to protect the property, and it is difficult to take the customer’s agreement
  4. When you consign the handling of individual information within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use
  5. When the business is succeeded by the amalgamation, the corporate separation, the transfer of operations, and other reasons

(2) Customer’s address, name, and telephone number, etc. might be offered to affiliates etc. concerned when judged that it is appropriate that eCorpOne will respond to the inquiry concerning the commodity and service from the customer etc. more than our affiliates and agencies regardless of above-mentioned (1).
In this case, the customer can claim the stop of an individual dissemination to affiliates etc. concerned to eCorpOne .

4. Claim procedure of indication etc.

eCorpOne will respond to the claim on the stop of claim and 6) use of claim and 5) deletions of claim and 4) additions of claim and 3) corrections of the notification of claim and 2) purpose of uses of indication of 1) or the stop of the third party offer about individual information on the customer oneself who has it. Please see the claim procedure of indication etc. for details of the claim form (document) etc. I will assume the claim on indication and the claim on the notification of the purpose of use to be charged.

5. Inquiry concerning individual information

Please tell the inquiry of the customer own individual information to the section (network consulting group in case of the network consulting group) where individual information is registered to the customer.

6. Other matters
  1. This privacy protection policy’ is the one that concerns the handling of individual information in eCorpOne Co., Ltd.. Our affiliates do not target it.
  2. Please something that it is not possible to use it is acknowledged beforehand when you cannot offer individual information from the customer by a part of service (The service of the Web site that eCorpOne manages is included) that eCorpOne provides.
  3. Please the customer of less than 16 years must get individual information after obtaining the agreement of the guardian and get the offer.
  4. Never to fail to hear customer’s offer when eCorpOne calls, I might record the content of the telephone call.
  5. eCorpOne might use the cookie and the Web beacon for a better service offer in the Web site.
  6. eCorpOne cannot assume the responsibility about the security of customer’s individual information of the other companies that links with our Web site on the Web site.
  7. We will inform on this page when there are a significant alteration and an information matter. Please see information.
  8. eCorpOne might revise the privacy protection policy changing in a related law to attempt the protection of customer’s individual information better.

Chief Executive Director,
eCorpOne Co., Ltd.