Insights & Answers: Your Questions Answered

How can I request your service?
Please contact us through our inquiry form  and may call us. You can call us at +81-3-5577-6700. We will ask you for more details and create a proposal and an estimate. We will create a project plan (which is necessary in order to organize and to make the project run faster). We will do the detailed design and procurement. The system replacement is usually done on holidays. After implementation is complete, we can manage the IT infrastructure.
How much will it cost?

It really depends on the scale. We recommend having our free consulting first. Please request us using our 

What am I able to get from eCorpOne?
  • You will not lose data even if your PC breaks. Data is always synchronized with the server, so you can rest assured.
  • Software and hardware systems preventing continuous work can be implemented. The server has backup and redundancy measures.
  • You can work remotely. You can access the resources within the company from anywhere, so you can work freely.
  • The risk of information leakage or business disruption is reduced. You can control the resources within the domain with group policy and access rights, so it is safe.
  • You can experience many other advanced features.
  • We will also provide IT education to your employees when introducing the system.
  • We will centralize all kinds of backup systems in our side so that you do not spend money for other backups provided by other venders.

In other words, if you introduce our system, you can save money, time, and risk, as well as improve your work efficiency and security. Don’t you think this is a very valuable thing compared to the cost per employee?

How long will it take to install?

It depends on the project size and the content, but if you are going to build a new Windows server and use Active Directory in an environment with about 20 PCs, it will take about 1 to 3 months, including hardware procurement. If you are in a hurry due to a server failure, we can temporarily restore it with the reused products we have prepared. In that case, it is possible to recover some functions in a few hours.

What is Active Directory? Please tell me the advantages and disadvantages.

Active Directory is a system that allows you to manage various resources in your company. Resources are things like computers, printers, files, folders, users, and groups can be managed under Active Directory. For example, you can create rules for each department of your company and enforce them.


  • For example, it can centrally manage employees logging into Windows system so that it can control access to the resources based on server side’s control.
  • Single sign-on not only improves user convenience, but also security.
  • You can control them in bulk with a function called group policy. Group policy is the rules and policies that apply to the resources within the domain. For example, you can set the password expiration date or change the wallpaper with group policy. Group policy makes the operation and maintenance of resources more efficient.
  • You can obtain the user’s operation log by logging in with an individual account, which helps with auditing and troubleshooting.
  • You can also set and manage the software and connected devices in bulk, reducing the burden on the system administrator.
What are the benefits of working with eCorpOne?
We have been continuously improving our design to make it easier for our corporate customers to do their work, based on our accumulated improvement activities over the past 15 years or more. You can enjoy the benefits of that. For example, PCs always break at some point, but even if they break, all data is synchronized with the server in real time, and data loss can be minimized.Also, because we design based on a good understanding of the characteristics of hardware and software, we believe that our price rationality is much higher than other companies.
What kind of companies are eligible for IT support services?

We support not only domestic customers, but also foreign-affiliated companies. We can coordinate with overseas IT departments and local business hours. We can also meet a wide range of IT needs of domestic and foreign companies.

Is there a possibility that the installation will not go well?

We will design, test, and deliver completed systems to the customer’s site; therefore, failure is very uncommon with us. After we implement the system and even if something goes wrong, we have back up data that can be restored quickly so you don’t have to worry about data loss. When we prepare the servers in advance and bring them to the customer’s site, and if there is an existing server, we will synchronize the data with the existing server in the background and switch to the new server, so we can minimize the interruption of business.

What else to worry about?

Please be considered regarding the following items.

  • We are not a hardware manufacturer. Although we select and offer highly reliable hardware, hardware will fail at some point. We cannot be responsible for sudden hardware failure. We can prepare for sudden hardware failure by preparing spare hardware, but our proposal is usually quoted only for the purpose of “avoiding data loss” and not much for “reducing the time of failure due to hardware failure”. We only offer solutions that are relatively inexpensive. If you wish to enhance capability of “reduce the recovery time due to hardware failure”, we have several solutions for advanced hardware failures protections, so please contact us in advance if you are interested.
  • We cannot be responsible for earthquakes, fire, theft, or other natural disasters, or for the quality of the power supply. We can suggest countermeasures, but we cannot be held fundamentally responsible for them.
    We are a small operation with a small number of staff. We are always ready to respond to emergencies, but as a measure to reduce the workload on our company, we provide IT training to our clients’ employees so that simple IT problems can be solved by our clients themselves.
  • We believe that IT systems are built together with our customers. We are always willing to adjust the “temperature” with our customers and would like to work with you.